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Feel Safe We are Backed Up

Every business and start-up is worried about security for their business and employees. Anchor Coworking Space has it’s security set up just for you. Our CCTV captures every moment to make you feel comfortable and rest assured.

Unlimited Access to Internet Services over Wifi

Great coworking space is the one who provides fast internet connection and Anchor Coworking Space is one of them. Modern businesses require a constant internet connection at a very high speed. Anchor Coworking understands this need and provides a high-speed internet connection for your business.


Require Printer? Printing on the go

Even though documents can be shared online through emails and cloud storage, still businesses do require printing. Now with Anchor Coworking Space, you don’t need to worry about setting up a printer for your business. We provide common printer so you can easily print your documents and letters without having to worry about a printer.

Urgent Meeting Not a Problem

Meetings are a crucial part of the business. With a proper plan and strategy, you can get things done fast. Team meetings and client meetings can be easily held in Anchor Coworking Space’s conference room. These rooms are backup by things needed for your meeting.

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Have a Refreshing Break in a Stressful Day

As per a study, stress can be easily relieved by a sip of coffee. A refreshing break makes you ready for the next big task. At Anchor Coworking Space we provide coffee machine to make sure you get stress relief. Keep calm and drink coffee at Anchor Coworking Space.

What our Clients Say

Coworkers Testimonials

Coworker at Anchor 2

This was one of the most amazing experiences on our professional life as freelancing team. Thank you for the atmosphere, the positive vibe and all the great featues that you offer!

Coworker at Anchor 2

Marketing Group
Coworker at Anchor 1

All the demands and business requests were met and processed with great attention. As a result we have a successful project and a team of great people who are awesome to work with!

Coworker at Anchor 1

Project Manager
Coworker at Anchor 3

With this level of service you guys have an impeccable chance for the best future and super successful company! Thank you very much for the comfort and dedication of 100% commitment!

Coworker at Anchor 3

Business Coach